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A new COLOTAN published article for the better understanding of the luminal conditions in the proximal colon

Characterization of luminal contents from the fasted human proximal colon S. Steigert, J. Brouwers, K. Verbeke, T. Vanuytsel, P. Augustijns In the EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES Abstract To treat colonic diseases more effectively, improved therapies are urgently needed. In this respect, delivering drugs locally to the colon is a key strategy to achieve higher local drug concentrations while minimizing ...

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Alessia won 2nd place in the “Explore your Entrepreneurial Idea” program!

What an incredible experience it was for Alessia Favaron (COLOTAN ESR9) to develop her business idea in “Explore your Entrepreneurial Idea” program at UCL! She won 2nd place with her HerBioma venture, dedicated to balancing women’s hormonal health with microbiome science. Congratulations to Nidhi Seegobin who was a finalist in the program, and Ieva Karvelyte who won 3rd place!  

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COLOTAN published an article on the development of a canine artificial colonic mucus model for drug diffusion studies

Development of a canine artificial colonic mucus model for drug diffusion studies V. Barmpatsalou, M. Tjakra, L. Li, I.R. Dubbelboer, E. Karlsson, B. Pedersen Lomstein, C.A.S. Bergström Abstract Colonic mucus is a key factor in the colonic environment because it may affect drug absorption. Due to the similarity of human and canine gastrointestinal physiology, dogs are an established preclinical species ...

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A review on solidification and oral delivery of biologics to the colon

Solidification and oral delivery of biologics to the colon – A review by COLOTAN researcher Katharina Kopp with the supervision of Lien Saerens (Eurofins), Jody Voorspoels (Eurofins) and Guy Van den Mooter (KU Leuven) that has been published recently in the European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Abstract The oral delivery of biologics such as therapeutic proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides for ...

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Prof. Subrata

Subrata is the Chair and Head of Medicine, College of Medicine and Health at UCC since March 2021. He is also Deputy Director of the APC. Subrata did his doctoral research on the immunology of IBD at University of Edinburgh where he was appointed as faculty. Between 2002 and 2008 he was Prof and Chair of Gastroenterology at Imperial College ...

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