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How My Life Changed in 5 Months: A Digest

ither by choice or chance, you’ve reached my post. Not just any post, but the first in my series of posts. And we started straight away with a plot twist: it wasn’t my life that changed; in reality, it was just me. But I don’t want to confuse you! First things first, let’s start with proper introductions. In today’s post ...

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From confusion to enlightment

“COLO-what?”  These were exactly my thoughts when I first read about the project online. But first things first: It was a given for me, that I don’t “only” want to finish my studies with a master’s degree but top it off with a PhD. Additionally, I didn’t want to just do a PhD for a PhD’s sake; I was also ...

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From Erasmus to Marasmus to COLOTAN

Bringing Light into the Darkness   Though it’s well past midnight, a trace of daylight still lingers. It feels like it never truly gets dark here. It’s the summer of 2014 and I am visiting Uppsala for the first time. I reflect on the busy day I’ve had – finally meeting my distant relatives in person, having fika (= Swedish ...

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